Buddy Rick

Rick Pierce

Rick Pierce (Otherwise known as “Buddy Rick” of the Skid Marks) has been rocking New England for many years with his unique style of Rock 'n' Roll drumming. Trained as a Jazz drummer from the beginning. Rick offers a well balanced effective groove to all of the”Skids” songs. In addition to being an accomplished drummer, Rick is a singer/songwriter, playing Guitar, Piano, Bass, Ukulele & Mandolin.

" Buddy Rick" is as energetic with his drum playing as he is with the way he acts normally. Put him on the drums and he becomes an entirely different person. His passion for the music really comes out when he plays.

So turn down your hearing aid if you need to but be sure not to miss it because hearing Rick play the drums is a totally unique experience. He is such a character that ou can't help but smile as you listen to him lay down his beats. Your head will be bobbing and your feet tapping as you get down with the funky beats.

Our “Buddy Rick” has a great appreciation for all types of music and is heavily influenced by the works of the Beatles, The Who, Dave Brubeck and many others.

Rick plays Pearl Drums.

Buddy Rick with Dick Richards

Buddy Rick with Dick Richards of the Comets

Rick with Brian McCulloughRick with Ray Guillemette, Jr., -- A-Ray of Elvis

Rick with Brian McCullough as Roy Orbison                     Rick with Ray Guillemette, Jr., -- "A-Ray of Elvis"

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