Dan 'N Dean

Dan 'N Dean Moraski (Founding Member) first started studying music in his youth with William Bennett, formerly of the Royal Academy of Music in London. Dan has been playing guitar since his early teens.Since then he has played with a wide assortment of musical acts all over North America. His musical style is a mixture of classical, folk, rock, cajun and reggae.

Dan plays a number of amazing guitars but his favorite with the Skidmarks is a Custom Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster with an on-board Roland synth pick-up. The guitar was built in Fender's Custom Shop and further "tweaked" by Dan's friend and phenomenal luthier, the late Frank Lucchesi. Dan's style of guitar playing and the guitar synth gives him the ability to add some interesting and definitely "non-guitar" tones to the mix -- most notably his amazing "Saxocaster Sound" when he kicks in the guitar synth and emulates those "wicked sax" sounds of the early 50's & 60's.

Dan currently is on tour with the world's greatest Elton John Tribute, Bennie and the Jets, but appears from time to time with the fabulous Skid Marks, sometimes playing amazing blues harp as well!

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